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Summer and Fall POST

Finally got this post up after all the times I stated I was going to make a post. In all honesty it is quite amazing how people can continuously do this either every week or everyday. Maybe its because I do not do this often, but it is interesting to do. On a personal not I guess I can say I am currently content on where I am right now in my life. During last year and this year things weren’t going the way I planed, or I didn’t work towards them. Right now I am on my last year in getting my associates degree, and soon will be working for my bachelors. As soon as I graduate my friend and I plan on visiting Korea and Japan. We plan on doing a lot more in Japan rather than Korea. Maybe we will visit comiket because we will be visiting Japan around that time, so we will see how things will go down. I got many things to talk about such as: My new computer, New car, Guitar/Bass, Anime/Manga, Games. So with out any interruption the Summer and Fall post will now begin!


I built my new computer because I needed the juice my laptop could not bring to the table. I have finally realized that my UA-25-EX was not compatilble with the laptop I had. Mainly because the CPU was weak as HELL! I did some test recordings and the capture device worked great. In the guitar section I will post the video of me playing Fuwa Fuwa Time and comparing them my laptop vs my computer. The downside of having this computer is; it is loud as hell and it makes my room hot, but when the winter comes around I will have heat in my room! I was under a budget so I bought the best parts for my dollars. Apparently the monitor I have is used in a lot of gaming tournaments.

Computer Specs:
-Phenom II X4 965 Black AM3 3.4Ghz 512KB 45NM 125W 4000MHZ
-MSI Socket AM3/AMD 870/DDR3/SATA3/A&GbE/ATX Motherboard 870S-G46
-HIS Radeon HD 4670 IceQ 1 GB (128bit) DDR3 HDMI Dual DL-DVI (HDCP) PCI Express 2.0 X16 Video Card Retail (RoHS) H467QR1GH
-Cooler Master Elite Mid Tower Case, RC-310-BWN1-GP (Blue)
-Cooler Master GX Series 650W ATX 12V V2.31 80 PLUS SLI Ready Power Supply RS650-ACAAE3-US
-ASUS VH236H 23 Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor – Black

I finally got a new car! Its gonna be a bitch paying for it, but I got a quite the deal. The car is a 6 speed 2011 Nissan Sentra. I wanted the Nissan Sentra SPEC-V SER, but they did not have any, and it would have been a bigger bitch to pay off. I before this car I had a 1999 Chevy S10, which today I dearly miss. The one problem with the Nissan Sentra in my opinion is my own inablity to shift properly. The reason for this is because my clutch in my truck was heavy (hard to push down). The Sentra has a light clutch (easy to push down), and because of this I cannot shift properly, but in time I probably will be get used to it. I plan on tuning my car, and putting a fujita cold air intake.

What my old car looked like. (WITHOUT THE TOP!)


Not a lot to say in this section. Playing the bass left handed now has gotten easier and feels less awkward, but the feeling is similar to the first time I picked up the guitar. Right now I am currently worrking on No Thank You!, Fude Pen, Reach Out to The Truth, and U&I. I am trasnfering the music to guitarpro since it is easier to grasp the concept of the music notation. I recently got a bass amp, and it sound fantasic! The bass is from Ampeg and model is BA-108.

As I mentioned earlier, my UA-25EX was not compatible with my laptop here is a clip the difference between a decent laptop vs a decent computer. The laptop sound muddy and murky, while the computer has more tone and the distortion sounds crisp. If you cant tell the difference don’t worry about it, cause I sure can.


Just bought Asu no Yoichi, Negima, Omamori Himari. I actually came across Asu and Himari by online reading. This is why in my opinion it is good to such sites, however not many people see it like I do. I also got the K-ON book 4 which is pretty big. Its bigger than all of the books so far.

These came in the mail today! =V



^Mai honey.

Over all the game was great. I have never played a game that got me to actually think about my moves, and the consequence it brings. The story line was great. Don’t want to get into the whole concept of the game, but I have read a few sites stating that the story line was not original. To refute their statement do you really think that playing a overrated shooter game can bring an actual story line? Its sad cause many games that Japan releases are almost never popular here because of how “unrealistic” the game is. However, that is my opinion. If you disagree or agree why do you think Japan’s games are not as popular in the US?


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Azusa Vox amPlug TEST

Distortion sounds fairly nice. This is rhythm distortion so there is no “fx” option; either on or off, compared to Yui’s and Mio’s amPlugs. This time I used my UA-25EX sound capture instead of plugging it directly to my computer. I think it sounds better. At this point right now I am currently still practicing, so I can play better. Please look forward for more recordings.

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic
^Click ME

Next is Akiyama Mio with playing left hand bass 😀 (I am right handed)

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Yui VOX amPlug TEST

Just a test. I am impressed with the audio going directly from this device to this computer sounds fanatic. I wonder what it will sound like when I use a audio capture device. This is just a demo for the Yui VOX amPlug. Since she is the lead guitarist he “effect” has distortion and reverb effect.

Demo on Twitpic
^Click to Listen

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Azusa Nakano VOX amPlug

After fiddling with many effects I have finally found the effect for me. This is one of the greatest invention possible for a mobile effect. This distortion has a classic rock with decent distortion, and has many tweaking for specified effects. I will soon post up a demo recording, and this is something I will do. I have also ordered the Yui Lead, and Mio Bass effects as well. This cost me quite a few since this is a rare item and not easy to get in the US.


From the side is the power switch. From the top Auxiliary port (Ipod, MP3: PORT) Gain, Tone Volume Control. On the right side is a headphone jack.

Front of the package

Back of the package

Plugged in the Guitar

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2010 In Review and Blog

Happy new year! Hope you had a nice season. I myself had a great Christmas and New -Year. I am finally approaching the second semester of my second year. I cant wait. Well since its been a while since my update, this post will have a lot of content.

Review of my 2010 Blog

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Fresher than ever.

Crunchy numbers

Featured image

The average container ship can carry about 4,500 containers. This blog was viewed about 14,000 times in 2010. If each view were a shipping container, your blog would have filled about 3 fully loaded ships.

In 2010, there were 7 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 39 posts. There were 64 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 38mb. That’s about a picture per week.

The busiest day of the year was May 23rd with 179 views. The most popular post that day was New Year and UPdate!!!.

Where did they come from?

The top referring sites in 2010 were,,,, and

Some visitors came searching, mostly for modern warfare 2, omamori himari, mikuru asahina, final fantasy 13, and mikuru.

Attractions in 2010

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


New Year and UPdate!!! December 2009


Negima?! October 2009


Princess Lover! and Other Stuff October 2009


Random Post 1/13/2010 January 2010
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Tales of Vesperia 2??! October 2009


I would declare Fall 2010 anime mostly known for it’s ecchi content.  Notable anime are: Yosuga no Sora, Motto To Love RU, Sora no Otoshimono, A Certain Magical Index, The World God Only Knows.

Yosuga no Sora

Liked: Art, Story, and Fan-service

Disliked: 12 episodes, that lead to omake at the end.

Verdict: Watch it in blu-ray, and make sure your alone cause this is seriously NSFW!

Sora No Otshimono

Liked: Art, Story line, Fanservice, Character Design

Disliked: Did not like the constant run in with the random perverted moments that did not tie in to the story what so ever.

Verdict: I recommend this anime because of the story line. It is in the second season, and there still are a lot of un -answered questions. But, be warned about the random fan service moments that do not correlate to the story at all. If you did not get the chance to watch the first season I recommend to keep what I said about the second season. Again NSFW

NOTE: There is also a movie coming out with Hikasa Yoko ❤

Motto To Love RU

Liked: Characters Desgin, Yui Kotegawa ❤

Disliked: Random story line

Verdict: This is something you should not watch with people around. I recommend also you read the manga. Do not watch the first season because it does not follow the manga; which the second season does, but it only shows the ending of the manga so that’s why you should read all 200 chapters before watching the anime lol.

Ore no Imouto ga Konno Kawaii Wake Gai Nai

Liked: NONE

Disliked: Ayana Taketastsu

Verdict: I liked the anime for the first few episodes, but I lost interest. I have no valid reason why I dislike this anime because it seems to be popular, but it just did not hit the spot for me. It is completely up to you if you want to watch it.


Liked: Jun Fukuama, Saori Hayami, cameos

Disliked: Ayana Taketatsu, story line

Verdict: I liked it in the beginning but then it seemed like the story began to crumble. I do not recommend it, but that is up to you if you want to watch it. Try to see if you suits your taste.

The World God Only Knows

Liked: Art, Saori Hayami, Character design, plot

Disliked: Only 12 episodes.

Verdict: Must watch anime. I  recommend this. I also recommend reading the manga as well.

To Aru Majutsu no Index II

Liked: Story, Charcter Seiyuu (Voice Actor): Rina Satou, Shizuka Itou, Rie Kugimiya, and Seiri Fukiyose

Disliked: Production Quality

Verdict: The second season follows the events of the light novels. The only reason why I mentioned the production quality is because in the past few episodes the characters seemed to be deformed. You be the judge of it, but do not let the production quality affect your choice. I recomend you watch first season and continue on to the second. Also watch To Aru Kagaku Railgun, but the thing I disliked about Railgun is it does not follow the manga.


Liked:  Story, Art, Character Design, Seiyuu

Disliked: ???

Verdict: I can’t say like this anime or hate it. It remains neutral to me. Watch it and see how you feel.

Shinryaku Ika Musume

Liked: De Geso, Plot, Character

Disliked: Opening music.

Verdict: Watch this anime!


I recently got my fourth guitar band score, and I am excited! I got this present from my sister for my birthday. I am still practicing on my guitar skills, and so far I do see improvements, but I wish I could progress more. YAY for HD pictures!

^Nail polish is my sisters! Don’t get any funny ideas.

Final words

I still need to make a banner I haven’t forgot about it. Also I will start up JTV, again in summer or earlier who knows. Untill I get financially stable I will think about it. Also expect guitar recording soon, I need to learn how to use Adobe Premiere, and once that is done I will start recording. I hope you guys will have a great year and expect more posting from me.

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Long Tiem

I never thought my spring break would be boring as shit. I did nothing for the break except work for nothing. Only thing interesting I actually found exciting was playing Final Fantasy XIII. Originally my friend bought this game for my birthday, but he went to Texas, so I could not get it on time so I bought the game with my money and decided to invoice him later.

When I went to the midnight release of Final Fantasy XIII, I was surprised to see people there. Because last time I went to the PSP release, I was the only person present, and made me feel awkward. They had a copy of FFXII in their game station for people to play. I have to say when I saw the graphics on the television I was in awe. Playing this game currently in 720p does not satisfy me at all, let alone I am playing with component cables as well, rather than in HDMI. All I can say currently all the reviews that said that FFXII was boring and TOO linear, they can go to hell. Honestly I have to say Square Enix has come along way from FFXII. I am in love with Lighting <3. I also got a bonus code to be selected as a beta tester for FFXIV. I might invest on this because back then when I was little I always wanted to try FFXI, but never got the chance because my mother thought my grades would be terrible, when in reality they were terrible to begin with. Not sure if anyone noticed, but the Final Fantasy guide books was not published by bradygames; which I find highly strange. Because from what I know bradygames always publishes Square Enix oriented games.

The PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIII was supposed to be dual audio, but XBOX had to be gay and bitch about it.

I bought this on ebay recently this made an appearance on K-ON, and I thought man I should get that pencil. This pencil was Tainaka Ritsu’s pencil, and cost me $15, and was shipped from Malaysia. Speaking of buying because of K-ON! I also bought Mio’s headphones as well. I wonder if this makes me a otaku?

I haven’t been able to play the guitar lately because of FFXIII, but I can tell you one thing I am currently working on K-ON!! ending “Dont Say Lazy”. So maybe some time by the end of this month I will be able to broadcast it. Also I noticed that the audio only comes on one side. I am looking into the problem so I can fix this right away.

I might start vlogs as well. I am not sure, but for those who view my blogs what do you think? The vlogs will probably anime, games, guitar, and current events related.

By the way for the older audience that lotion is for my dry skin, so don’t get any funny ideas =].


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Whats up good people? How has it been? This year is the best year ever! Yea, I am being sarcastic, for there are a lot of reasons why, but I will not go into detail. Time for me to stop rambling and start blogging.

A while back I had mentioned I got a random h-manga, and I didn’t know why it came. But actually it was my sisters fault. When she ordered this t-shirt I got the h-manga. This shirt is awesome, but my shirt size is Large and she got me X-Large, so it looks like I am wearing a dress when I wear this.



Not to long ago I bought a Behringer mixer, and I used that to broadcast when I was on JustinTV, but when I hooked up my BOSS GT-6 it sounded like shit. So I did some research, and I came across the UA-25EX. This product is sweet. When I came across this on eBay I thought this was an immediate sell, for the original price is around 280 and I bought this for 229. It came with guitar wire and microphone wire. Right now I am currently trying to learn how to use it to it’s full potential. Although I am having problems when I am listening to any audio it tends to skip. If I cannot fix it I have to return it.

My old mixer ( I changed my room around can anyone tell?)

So as you know I am some what of an anime/manga fan, and I bought my monthly fix of manga. What I bought is Shakugan No Shana 5, Tena On S-String, and Alice On Deadline.

-I have yet to read Shakugan no Shana

-Tena On S-String is a interesting manga. I like it because of its art, and the story line.

-Alice On Deadline…. OHHH BOOYYY!!!!! When I saw the cover I thought “Oh man this looks great!”, but I was right for the most part, but when you look at the art it looks fucking disgusting as hell. Maybe its because its the first novel, and IMO the first novel the art tends to look funny, but in this case I am not sure at all.

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