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One Year On WordPress!

It has been a year since I began blogging. Although, I have not updated; I will update on things that currently matter. From the time I began blogging, a lot has happened in the 2010 year. I would say it was like the stock market; going up and down, and having my high’s and low’s. Since it have been a year this will be a long post, so I hope you are ready to expand your mind.

Over the year I tried to get out of my typical standards of anime, and try being more open to different themes. The following left a good impression on me: Sora no Otoshimono (Fall 2009), Durarara (Winter 2009/2010), Angel Beats (Spring 2010), Seitokai Yakuindomo (Summer 2010), Ookamisan to Shichinin no Nakamatachi (Summer 2010), Amagami SS (Summer 2010), Sekimatsu Occult Gakuin (Summer 2010).

Sora no Otoshimono

This anime might not be the most perverted anime, but its out there. The fact that the main character uses his perverseness as a gag makes this funny. Although the main character may be extremely perverted, there are rare moments when he gets serious, and makes him cool. This anime in itself, in my opinion is mainly comedy, but there are some serious moments which story stand out. Currently, I am watching the second season of the anime, and as always there is an immense amount of fan service.


To be honest, when I first saw the title and a few screen caps I thought this anime was crap. BUT I was wrong. I do not know what actually made me watch this, but I did. When I first saw the first episode, I was thrown off in how the story line was, but eventually got it down. I STRONGLY recommend this anime for those who have not seen it.

Angel Beats

I was originally gonna watch this anime, but I never got to it. How I got to the anime is quite funny. If you kept up with Amagami SS, In the Sae ARC there is a moment where the main character meets a director. This director’s voice actor is American. I did my homework and I did my research of this voice actor, and he voiced a character named TK, and came across this video which made me laugh, and decided to watch this anime. When I watched this anime I loved how the story was. Another great strength of this anime is its tear jerking moments. It was so hard to hold back tears when the sad parts came, which made sense to me why this anime had its sad moments because Jun Maeda, the writer of Angel Beats also wrote CLANNAD. The music had an impact on me, and because of this I bought the official band score. Also the accusations of calling this anime similar to Haruhi is ridiculous. Saying Yuri looks like Haruhi? Harutards are annoying as always…. The developer said he admired the character Yukiko from Persona 4, so the design for Yuri was inspired from Yukiko if there was an accusation it should be that.

Seitokai Yakuindomo

Oh man this anime… Never in my life have I seen an anime like this. This anime is and adaptation of a 4-koma manga. The use of sexual innuendo makes this anime hilarious. This anime in my opinion, would not make sense to western people due to the heavy use of Japan’s cultural references, but don’t take my word for it. Also if you didn’t notice the voice actors for Shino, and Aria is Hikasa Yoko, and Satomi Sato (From K-ON Mio and Ritsu which makes it even funny cause you have the impression of the K-ON characters.)

Ookamisan to Shichinin no Nakamatachi

The story line they choose for this was awesome. This anime used fairy tale archetypes to build this anime, which made it great. I admire how the story was built and used modernized fairy tale themes for the anime. The art for this anime was very pretty as well. The fact Maya’n sang the song made me love it even more. Although, at first when I heard it for the first time it bothered me a lot, but it grew on me.

Amgami SS

If you like romance anime this is perfect for you. But don’t expect tragedy or a bad ending. They all have the perfect ending; meaning there is no negative prospects, and the story has arcs. Every four episodes has the same main character, but a new lover. The one arc I hated with a passion is the SAE NAKATA arc, and the reason should be clear. With every new lover comes with character ending song. So, if your looking for a happy romance type, this is the anime for you. I am willing to say best romance for the 2010 year.

Sekimatsu Occult Gakuin

Epic story with epic ending. Watch this anime! I can not express the plot twists. The voice acting by Hikasa Yoko was fantastic as always. (I got lazy. Watch this anime! =])

Musicians Corner

I bought two band score books, and they are Angel Beats’ Girls Dead Monster, and K-ON’s second opening and ending score, and they look confusing as shit. As of right now it has almost been two years since I picked up the guitar, and it feels like I made no progression what so ever. Even though I feel like I haven’t improved a bit, I am still trying my best to practice and achieve in getting better. Here is that the merchandise looks like

Angel Beats Front Cover

Back Cover

Front CD Cover and Holder

Back Cover CD

K-ON Front Cover

Back Cover

Front CD Case


New Guitar

Has a new member of the family =]



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Baka to Test Shoukanju and Honjitsu Mankai Watashi Iro

Well that is my first full cover of an anime song. This song was fairly easy, and nice. The guitar parts are fairly balanced and well composed. There is a part in full edition where it is fucking insane. I wish I could get that good seriously fast. I will upload another video because the score that I used came in two parts. I played the lead. The rhythm part is a tad bit difficult due to the 16th notes. I will work on that right away and then merge the two files improving the first part too. I am still trying to learn how to record a video of my playing this and adding the music.


Here is the the finished product of Hayate No Gotoku’s ending. I was playing around, meaning I record my self three times and added in this song. I wasn’t taking this seriously at all. I wish I could find the full score for this.


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Random Post 1/13/2010

Hello everybody, how has everyone’s New Years been? I had a crappy one, but hopefully it will get better. I recently started class, its all interesting but my body has gotten used to sleeping late. I got a truck from my friend a 1999 Chevy S10. Not what I had in mind, but at least I got automobile. Cause I know for sure my parents cant get me a car right now. Whats fun about this truck its a manual, and driving manual is really fun better than automatic.

This year in video games will be awesome.

Cause Star Ocean and Final Fantasy XIII are coming out. I played Star Ocean 4 on the XBOX, I liked everything about it, but the crappy dubbing made me cry. The Star Ocean -INTERNATIONAL- will have English, and Japanese languages, and will have a new character. So far the price for this game is $59.99, but if I remember correctly you can get this game from Amazon for 5% off.

As for Final Fantasy XIII there seems to be a lot of shit right now on how the story line is to linear. Honestly I hope that does not effect me from playing the game. Cause when I played Final Fantasy XII I stopped cause that game sucked ass. I am sorry to those XII fans but honestly that was X1000000000 worse than Final Fantasy X-2.

I WANT A FUCKING US RELEASE OF TALES OF VESPERIA! Japan released a DLC where you can have the NAMCO clothing. LOOK at freaking Judith. KOS-MOS!!!!!!! (KOTAKU)


As for Pangya I don’t know I keep playing it and stop playing it. I wasted so much money on this game its not even fucking funny anymore. I want to spend more because of the rares. But I don’t want to even try anymore because of this fucked up Gacha, and how miserTREEV wants all our money. Makes me wonder why I wasted money to begin with.

^ If I even try for this I know I am gonna waste my pang, so I am not even gonna bother with this.

^ I am amazed with this art. It gives off a immense amount of ecchi. I approve of this art, but I do not approve of this being on Gacha. If I had the money I would aim for Lucia and Arins.

I played a Ero game called Shera my Witch it was pretty interesting. Its about a male who’s father sold his son, so the father can have good luck with the ladies. Then when time comes Shera comes to get the protagonist. What shocked me is that they actually had a male voice in this. This was probably the first ero game that I saw that had a male lead voice. I like the art and story like, although the end I disliked because it has a certain genre in it. Here are some screen shots of the game.

I am thinking about playing this game. Maji-de Watashi-ni Koi Shinasai!! It looks awesome, and apparently it is very popular.

Guitar Rant

Lately I have been slacking of on my guitar practices mainly because of school, and me getting my friends truck. I am currently playing attempting to play these songs.

Macross F – Lion 65% ( Song is fairly easy just my fat fingers cant go on the frets.)

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – Only My Railgun .001% ( Wow talk about advanced stuff. Got some artificial harmonics and hard solos. Maybe Ill finish this when I get better in about six years.)

K-ON! – Fude Pen 15% ( Song is interesting the score is from the book that I bought from Play Asia. It is a hard piece.

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Random Post 10/31/09

So I got new manga/manhwa to add in my collection today. I got Shakugan No Shana, Mahou Sensei Negima, and Unbalance x Unbalance. I got Tekken on the day it was released. I pre-ordered it and I got a calender. These are the females that debuted on the calender. There is a male side but I don’t really care about it. So if you play Tekken 6, please feel free to add my PSN: K-ON09, but please tell me who you are on the blog. The reason for this is, so I can classify who you are. I also updated my JustinTV NEW channel. I have made a banner and added a background. I also updated the blog as well. The reason for this is I added a JustinTV channel on my sidebar, and this is the best I could do to fit on the sidebar. Yeah I still need to get a new camera. =/

Remember what I said about people modding there XBOX 360 apparently they got their treats early this Holloween.









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Random Post 10/23/09

I got a package on Tuesday, and I was VERY happy to get it. It is the K-ON! Band score, and I have been trying to practice the songs since I got it. Some of the TAB’s in this book is advance, and I am only a beginner, but I like the challenge. Here are some pictures.


^ I got this from Play Asia. I have no problems with them so far, although I do not like the fact they are located in China


^I opened package. Don’t know why I took a picture of this.295372395397

^ Front cover of the book295372365829

^ CD inside the track list box295372334981

^I think these stickers are meant to go on your guitar.


^ I got a five dollar off copun with a purchase of $50 dollars or more. I might buy a PVC figure with this


^ Front CD cover295372298117

^ Back CD cover295372228357

^ First Disc295372187909

^ Second Disc

I will practice this hard and record myself. I can do this easy now that  got a mixer.


I have started to play Tales of Abyss so please join.

Random POST

I selling stuff I do not user anymore on Amazon. If you like please browse them. I am selling my old capture card, and If you buy my the capture card I will give you the necessary wires to hook it up. Plus I will help you started on broadcasting. Here is my Amazon shop.


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Tales of Vesperia 2??!


Namco Bandai’s general manager, Makoto Yoshizumi, has said that the company is “thinking about” making a Tales of Vesperia 2.

“[During meetings, staff would ask ] ‘Will you be making Vesperia 2?’ [I’d] respond, ‘Don’t talk like a fan!’,” he explained to Famitsu. “It appears that [within the company] there’s a desire to make part 2.

“We’re thinking about it.”

That should make fans pretty happy.”

This should be interesting.  They need to release ToV on the PS3 for America first….

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Random Post 10/16/09

So I wanted to write about my collection of anime that is growing. I started collecting, and reading manga when I was in fourth or fifth grade. The first manga I started reading was Love Hina. I could not stop reading anime, and that was all the things I thought about. Till I had a shortage of cash my middle and high school year, cause my parents stop buying them for me., which is understandable. I cant keep mooching off of them for ever. When I got a job my manga collection started to grow drastically. Most of the manga I have aren’t even the whole collection. I shouldn’t buy more but it sure beats the hell out of sitting in-front of a computer all day.


^ The Hell Girl, xxxHolic, Negima Neo, was a present for graduating from my sister


^ The Gundam Seed is actually a light novel. The CD case is my eroge games


^ The two Negima books are from Korea. My sister bought them for me when she went there. Because of these books my Korean has somewhat improved.


^ My Mashimaro clock I begged my mom for this when I was young. Cause Mashimaro was the fad in Korea back then. I have the first 20 shounen Jump manga.


^ Shounen Jump continued. I bought the Shakugan No Shana PVC figure from eBay really cheap.


^ Couple of magazines I should have not bought. Although, my sister bought the New Type Korea edtion


^ I bought these three last week, cause I was bored, and I need to finish the series. I have the Korean version if you remember. I can read Korean, but not understand ALL the words.


^ I bought these today, and I spent to much money. I just bought what ever caught my eye. I only bought the manga besides Haruhi, but I did a re-check, and saw that they had it, so I bought them


^ I like the Hayate no Gotoku series a lot, and I don’t know really what the one beside it is all about. I hope it is not shoujo


^ I just bought Lucky Star cause my sister wanted me to or she was going to buy it. I never was a “crazed” Haruhi fan, but it was still good. I am a big fan of Noizi Ito’s work.

That’s all I have to say in this random post. Although my phone is shit, and I need to buy a digital camera, cause the quality on my camera phone sucks MAJOR BAWLZ.

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