Summer and Fall POST

Finally got this post up after all the times I stated I was going to make a post. In all honesty it is quite amazing how people can continuously do this either every week or everyday. Maybe its because I do not do this often, but it is interesting to do. On a personal not I guess I can say I am currently content on where I am right now in my life. During last year and this year things weren’t going the way I planed, or I didn’t work towards them. Right now I am on my last year in getting my associates degree, and soon will be working for my bachelors. As soon as I graduate my friend and I plan on visiting Korea and Japan. We plan on doing a lot more in Japan rather than Korea. Maybe we will visit comiket because we will be visiting Japan around that time, so we will see how things will go down. I got many things to talk about such as: My new computer, New car, Guitar/Bass, Anime/Manga, Games. So with out any interruption the Summer and Fall post will now begin!


I built my new computer because I needed the juice my laptop could not bring to the table. I have finally realized that my UA-25-EX was not compatilble with the laptop I had. Mainly because the CPU was weak as HELL! I did some test recordings and the capture device worked great. In the guitar section I will post the video of me playing Fuwa Fuwa Time and comparing them my laptop vs my computer. The downside of having this computer is; it is loud as hell and it makes my room hot, but when the winter comes around I will have heat in my room! I was under a budget so I bought the best parts for my dollars. Apparently the monitor I have is used in a lot of gaming tournaments.

Computer Specs:
-Phenom II X4 965 Black AM3 3.4Ghz 512KB 45NM 125W 4000MHZ
-MSI Socket AM3/AMD 870/DDR3/SATA3/A&GbE/ATX Motherboard 870S-G46
-HIS Radeon HD 4670 IceQ 1 GB (128bit) DDR3 HDMI Dual DL-DVI (HDCP) PCI Express 2.0 X16 Video Card Retail (RoHS) H467QR1GH
-Cooler Master Elite Mid Tower Case, RC-310-BWN1-GP (Blue)
-Cooler Master GX Series 650W ATX 12V V2.31 80 PLUS SLI Ready Power Supply RS650-ACAAE3-US
-ASUS VH236H 23 Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor – Black

I finally got a new car! Its gonna be a bitch paying for it, but I got a quite the deal. The car is a 6 speed 2011 Nissan Sentra. I wanted the Nissan Sentra SPEC-V SER, but they did not have any, and it would have been a bigger bitch to pay off. I before this car I had a 1999 Chevy S10, which today I dearly miss. The one problem with the Nissan Sentra in my opinion is my own inablity to shift properly. The reason for this is because my clutch in my truck was heavy (hard to push down). The Sentra has a light clutch (easy to push down), and because of this I cannot shift properly, but in time I probably will be get used to it. I plan on tuning my car, and putting a fujita cold air intake.

What my old car looked like. (WITHOUT THE TOP!)


Not a lot to say in this section. Playing the bass left handed now has gotten easier and feels less awkward, but the feeling is similar to the first time I picked up the guitar. Right now I am currently worrking on No Thank You!, Fude Pen, Reach Out to The Truth, and U&I. I am trasnfering the music to guitarpro since it is easier to grasp the concept of the music notation. I recently got a bass amp, and it sound fantasic! The bass is from Ampeg and model is BA-108.

As I mentioned earlier, my UA-25EX was not compatible with my laptop here is a clip the difference between a decent laptop vs a decent computer. The laptop sound muddy and murky, while the computer has more tone and the distortion sounds crisp. If you cant tell the difference don’t worry about it, cause I sure can.


Just bought Asu no Yoichi, Negima, Omamori Himari. I actually came across Asu and Himari by online reading. This is why in my opinion it is good to such sites, however not many people see it like I do. I also got the K-ON book 4 which is pretty big. Its bigger than all of the books so far.

These came in the mail today! =V



^Mai honey.

Over all the game was great. I have never played a game that got me to actually think about my moves, and the consequence it brings. The story line was great. Don’t want to get into the whole concept of the game, but I have read a few sites stating that the story line was not original. To refute their statement do you really think that playing a overrated shooter game can bring an actual story line? Its sad cause many games that Japan releases are almost never popular here because of how “unrealistic” the game is. However, that is my opinion. If you disagree or agree why do you think Japan’s games are not as popular in the US?


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