Long Tiem

I never thought my spring break would be boring as shit. I did nothing for the break except work for nothing. Only thing interesting I actually found exciting was playing Final Fantasy XIII. Originally my friend bought this game for my birthday, but he went to Texas, so I could not get it on time so I bought the game with my money and decided to invoice him later.

When I went to the midnight release of Final Fantasy XIII, I was surprised to see people there. Because last time I went to the PSP release, I was the only person present, and made me feel awkward. They had a copy of FFXII in their game station for people to play. I have to say when I saw the graphics on the television I was in awe. Playing this game currently in 720p does not satisfy me at all, let alone I am playing with component cables as well, rather than in HDMI. All I can say currently all the reviews that said that FFXII was boring and TOO linear, they can go to hell. Honestly I have to say Square Enix has come along way from FFXII. I am in love with Lighting <3. I also got a bonus code to be selected as a beta tester for FFXIV. I might invest on this because back then when I was little I always wanted to try FFXI, but never got the chance because my mother thought my grades would be terrible, when in reality they were terrible to begin with. Not sure if anyone noticed, but the Final Fantasy guide books was not published by bradygames; which I find highly strange. Because from what I know bradygames always publishes Square Enix oriented games.

The PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIII was supposed to be dual audio, but XBOX had to be gay and bitch about it.

I bought this on ebay recently this made an appearance on K-ON, and I thought man I should get that pencil. This pencil was Tainaka Ritsu’s pencil, and cost me $15, and was shipped from Malaysia. Speaking of buying because of K-ON! I also bought Mio’s headphones as well. I wonder if this makes me a otaku?

I haven’t been able to play the guitar lately because of FFXIII, but I can tell you one thing I am currently working on K-ON!! ending “Dont Say Lazy”. So maybe some time by the end of this month I will be able to broadcast it. Also I noticed that the audio only comes on one side. I am looking into the problem so I can fix this right away.

I might start vlogs as well. I am not sure, but for those who view my blogs what do you think? The vlogs will probably anime, games, guitar, and current events related.

By the way for the older audience that lotion is for my dry skin, so don’t get any funny ideas =].



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8 responses to “Long Tiem

  1. Joz

    Reviewers aren’t wrong, the game is actually really linear. It’s not as free as the older FF series with all those towns and stuff, AND you gotta follow the story until you hit a certain point in the game..
    In fact, the game is so linear, you can probably finish it without understanding the language at all, like playing the JP version of it. I played it easily without being confused at what I’m supposed to do, and I don’t understand a single Japanese word they said in the damn game -.(‘~’).-

    Also PS3 version didn’t get released with dual audio, but they released 2 types of FF13, the Japanese/Asian version with JP menu and VAs, and the international version with English menus and VAs.. the 360 doesn’t have a Japanese version I think.

    • HMmm I would disagree. Maybe its because I am not a hard core RPG fan, bu I do not see anything linear. As for the dual audio wut?

      • Joz

        Yeah, they released the japanese version of it in December.. That’s when I bought it. Only available in Asia unless you import it, not many people know about it. I could take some pics later probably, cover pic is different, and the guidebook inside is all in Japanese.

        I like the Japanese VAs better than the English one, except for sazh, black people needs english voices or else it’ll suck -.(‘~’).-

  2. Ashley

    Where’d you get Ritsu’s and Mio’s pencil and headphones? Ebay? Haha, just wondering. =]

  3. Ozone

    Nice man, I wanted to have the pencil and the headphones. I am a k-on fan. ^-^

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