Whats up good people? How has it been? This year is the best year ever! Yea, I am being sarcastic, for there are a lot of reasons why, but I will not go into detail. Time for me to stop rambling and start blogging.

A while back I had mentioned I got a random h-manga, and I didn’t know why it came. But actually it was my sisters fault. When she ordered this t-shirt I got the h-manga. This shirt is awesome, but my shirt size is Large and she got me X-Large, so it looks like I am wearing a dress when I wear this.



Not to long ago I bought a Behringer mixer, and I used that to broadcast when I was on JustinTV, but when I hooked up my BOSS GT-6 it sounded like shit. So I did some research, and I came across the UA-25EX. This product is sweet. When I came across this on eBay I thought this was an immediate sell, for the original price is around 280 and I bought this for 229. It came with guitar wire and microphone wire. Right now I am currently trying to learn how to use it to it’s full potential. Although I am having problems when I am listening to any audio it tends to skip. If I cannot fix it I have to return it.

My old mixer ( I changed my room around can anyone tell?)

So as you know I am some what of an anime/manga fan, and I bought my monthly fix of manga. What I bought is Shakugan No Shana 5, Tena On S-String, and Alice On Deadline.

-I have yet to read Shakugan no Shana

-Tena On S-String is a interesting manga. I like it because of its art, and the story line.

-Alice On Deadline…. OHHH BOOYYY!!!!! When I saw the cover I thought “Oh man this looks great!”, but I was right for the most part, but when you look at the art it looks fucking disgusting as hell. Maybe its because its the first novel, and IMO the first novel the art tends to look funny, but in this case I am not sure at all.


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