Guitar Test Recordings

This will be another section of my blog. Its where I will post up guitar recordings. But this will probably be on rare occasions. Since I am not a guitar genius and all thats why its gonna take a while.

Things I used

1) BOSS Distortion DS-1
2) Mixer Behringer
3) Program Audacity

I can list many things and excuses, but main thing is I need more practice. The things I wish were better would the recording program. As you know in the beginning the artificial harmonic sucked ass. I am still working on this song so don’t castrate me. Plus I don’t like this guitar distortion, my BOSS GT-6 is currently not ins service, so I have to deal with this one for now. Maybe my sound card on my laptop sucks ass. I would like constructive criticism please. Please don’t give me crap like “YOU SUCK PLAY THE VIOLIN”. I have been playing the guitar for almost a year now, so my Guitar ego cant take any more LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL…..


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