Random Post 1/30/2010

Whats up everyone who comes to my blog. I have been doing nothing but school. The life in Charlotte North Carolina is dull as always. Going talk about a lot of stuff, so I hope I can interact with the readers with the comments you guys leave. By the way I have a new phone. It is a SANYO Incognito, and has a better quality camera 1.3 to 2.0 megapixel. Can you guys notice the difference from my other photos?


Today it snowed in North Carolina, and it sucked ass. It rarely snows here, due to being in the south. From living here I can only think that when I was a eighth grade that is when we had a crap load of snow, but not anymore.

Funny thing I got in the mail, and I am glad I got to it first. At first I thought the mail was my sisters, but it was actually mine. I just did not read the name right, because with out my glasses now I become blind. It was a H-manga, but not entirely. It was just chapters from different series, kind of like Shonen Jump. It was not that bad, although the drawing could be a little better, but beggars cant be choosers. For those who don’t know I am legal of age, so don’t give me shit. This sample was given by JList.



K-ON! Akiyama Mio PVC FIGURE

I ordered this around November, and received it on 1/29/2010. I was originally gonna buy this on Play Asia, but I found it cheaper on eBay. I would say this is very detailed and made nicely. The only problem I have with this is the shirt looks lavender. I thought it would be white, but it is not. Here are the pictures. ( This was expensive.)

Guitar Rant

Well I am pretty much fucked cause my BOSS GT-6 (Guitar Effect Processor [ Cool Guitar sounds]) AC power adapter is broken, and the adapter I am looking for is no longer made. So I am gonna have to find a power supply ASAP. Cause I cant practice my guitar, and I wanted to upload some anime OP and ED covers. I broke it by using a 14 Volt to a 9 Volt, and I short circuit the 14 Volt. I am worried because I was using my friends small guitar effects to power it, and if I fried all of them I owe him a lot of money, and these things are not fucking cheap. So far here is a estimated guitar cover percentage completed

Macross F – Lion 70% ( I got almost everything done, but the ending is a little difficult)

K-ON! – Dont Say Lazy 59% ( Fairly easy song, but the solo’s are hard, especially the ending solo.)

Hayate No Gotoku Honjitsu Mankai Watashi Iro 85% ( This is the anime opening. I could not find the full guitar tabbing.)


Pangya – I could care less anymore. You will rarely see me on, unless you guys ask me to play I will play.

Tales of Vesperia PS3

Apparently NAMCO has stated that Tales of Vesperia will not be US bound. WHAT THE FUCK I cant believe this crap! The only reason why I can think why it is not US bound is because of lack of income that NAMCO gets.

Final Fantasy 7

Square Enix states that there will be no Final Fantasy 7 remake. While being a fucking dick tease, and showing us a high end teaser of the beginning of Final Fantasy with modernized graphics. I would understand why they would choose this. My reasons are:

1) They would need to create something other than the world map for free roam.
2) Looking at how at the time/money on graphical interface would be to much.
3) Getting the famous seiyu to voice over would cost at much, and looking how Final Fantasy 7 was a long game means more hours.
4) Economy is fucked up
5) Normally game remakes suck ass.

Agarest War

I don’t have the XBOX 360 anymore, but I am getting this for sure. Getting a pillow case, and a OPPAI mouse pad is a definitely +++ to get. I might post a blog about how you can get the game for free. All you have to do is pay the shipping. Cause normally an Oppai mouse pad runs for 50-150 (depending on the quality).

Modern Warfare 2

I got this game not to long ago for the PS3. If you want to play add me K-ON09. Please state if you are going to add me, because I will not add you till I know who you are.


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