Random Post 1/13/2010

Hello everybody, how has everyone’s New Years been? I had a crappy one, but hopefully it will get better. I recently started class, its all interesting but my body has gotten used to sleeping late. I got a truck from my friend a 1999 Chevy S10. Not what I had in mind, but at least I got automobile. Cause I know for sure my parents cant get me a car right now. Whats fun about this truck its a manual, and driving manual is really fun better than automatic.

This year in video games will be awesome.

Cause Star Ocean and Final Fantasy XIII are coming out. I played Star Ocean 4 on the XBOX, I liked everything about it, but the crappy dubbing made me cry. The Star Ocean -INTERNATIONAL- will have English, and Japanese languages, and will have a new character. So far the price for this game is $59.99, but if I remember correctly you can get this game from Amazon for 5% off.

As for Final Fantasy XIII there seems to be a lot of shit right now on how the story line is to linear. Honestly I hope that does not effect me from playing the game. Cause when I played Final Fantasy XII I stopped cause that game sucked ass. I am sorry to those XII fans but honestly that was X1000000000 worse than Final Fantasy X-2.

I WANT A FUCKING US RELEASE OF TALES OF VESPERIA! Japan released a DLC where you can have the NAMCO clothing. LOOK at freaking Judith. KOS-MOS!!!!!!! (KOTAKU)


As for Pangya I don’t know I keep playing it and stop playing it. I wasted so much money on this game its not even fucking funny anymore. I want to spend more because of the rares. But I don’t want to even try anymore because of this fucked up Gacha, and how miserTREEV wants all our money. Makes me wonder why I wasted money to begin with.

^ If I even try for this I know I am gonna waste my pang, so I am not even gonna bother with this.

^ I am amazed with this art. It gives off a immense amount of ecchi. I approve of this art, but I do not approve of this being on Gacha. If I had the money I would aim for Lucia and Arins.

I played a Ero game called Shera my Witch it was pretty interesting. Its about a male who’s father sold his son, so the father can have good luck with the ladies. Then when time comes Shera comes to get the protagonist. What shocked me is that they actually had a male voice in this. This was probably the first ero game that I saw that had a male lead voice. I like the art and story like, although the end I disliked because it has a certain genre in it. Here are some screen shots of the game.

I am thinking about playing this game. Maji-de Watashi-ni Koi Shinasai!! It looks awesome, and apparently it is very popular.

Guitar Rant

Lately I have been slacking of on my guitar practices mainly because of school, and me getting my friends truck. I am currently playing attempting to play these songs.

Macross F – Lion 65% ( Song is fairly easy just my fat fingers cant go on the frets.)

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – Only My Railgun .001% ( Wow talk about advanced stuff. Got some artificial harmonics and hard solos. Maybe Ill finish this when I get better in about six years.)

K-ON! – Fude Pen 15% ( Song is interesting the score is from the book that I bought from Play Asia. It is a hard piece.


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  1. Joz


    i’ll give you +9001 internets if you can do it.. and a hawt pic of lucia

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