New Year and UPdate!!!

Well as 2009 comes to an end I have made some goals, and have not finished some. I have tried many things, and did not try many things. My new years goal for 2010 is the following:

1) Stop cursing
2) Stop Smoking
3) Get above 3.5 GPA
4) Find in a job in this shit hole economy
5) Lose some weight
6) learn to be more responsible

As of right now that’s the only thing I can think of. If you are reading this what are your 2010 resolutions? On New Years eve Koreans (or the Koreans I know) play a game called “yoon no ri” witch is a game of sticks you toss up. The objective of the game if your supposed to throw the four sticks, and what ever you get faced up or down is how many spaces you move. I probably will record a game and how its played.

As for regarding the matters of Pangya… I still play but only on few occasions. I mainly play with my friends from church. Its kind of boring if I play a random game with people I barely even know. This whole event dice I see no point in what so ever. So I am not gonna even try to attempt it. I also hear about this scratchy card hack. Amazing…. soon the hackers will have GM powers, and they will start out on a massive ban.

For 2010 Winter Anime

Nothing really interesting but a few anime: Ladies versus Butlers!, Omamori Himari, are probably the only anime I will watch for this 2010 winter. What really is sad is that there was supposed to be more selection, but to the economy they had to reduce the showings** ( Cant remember the source, could someone confirm this?)

Ladies versus Butlers!

Is about a boy who has an image of a delinquent goes to a well known school for girls. Since it is well known, they have opened a division for butlers, and maids. The animation for this looks like by the staff of Kanokon. (Unrelated note! Just like So Ra No Wo To looks EXACTLY Like K-ON) I read the manga for this, and I was slightly interested, so I have good expectations from this.

Omamori Himari

When I first read the manga back in 2008 I was hooked. I love this story line, and I love the character designs. I am having GREAT expectations for this anime, so I am hopping this anime does not disappoint me. This story is around Yuto a boy that has a demon slayer heritage. When his birthday comes around he meets a neko-mimi girl stating that she is Yuto’s guardian, and the story begins from there. This is going to be action packed, and ecchi packed.

Since I am talking about anime I just found out they have stated that K-ON! will have a second season! I am excited in what new songs they will release, and I wonder if they will have another band score book. I like that in anime now days. If they have a OP or ED that has any type of rock guitar I will try to find the score for it and attempt it, even though I will fail at it but it is fun playing the song.

Guitar Rant

Well its almost been a year when I started to play the guitar, and the only thing I regret is not picking it up sooner. I wish I would have started this before the Violin, and the Drums. As you may know the stereotype on how Asians always play the Violin or Piano, I am one of those people. I originally wanted to play the saxophone, but my mom told me it would be to loud. That is how I ended up with the freaking violin, IMO witch to me is the worst instrument to play. Don’t get me wrong I love music with a violin in it, but it comes to playing the instrument forget it. When I was in 8th grade I was kind of forced to play the drums for my church since we didn’t have a drummer and our church band was staggering due to not having one. I feel the same thing about the drums. When I was young I did start playing the guitar, but I complained like a bitch cause I had used an excuse that my hands were to small, thus creating chords for the guitar. If I traveled back in time I would beat some sense into myself. I am still attempting to play arranged music so please look forward for that.

Blog Update

I also added a new banner. My old banner look like a over sized forum signature. I changed it to something more simple. My photoshop skills fail. I wish I knew more about it..

Well that is all I have for right now. I will update something probably after New Years. I hope you guys have nice New Years, and a safe one. To those older people please be responsible, and know your limit on alcohol.



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3 responses to “New Year and UPdate!!!

  1. Rich

    Wow I didn’t know you smoked. But definitely #5 is one of my resolutions.

    I never got into K-On. I did watch the first episode when it first came out, but I just stopped completely after that. Then all of a sudden a new girl comes in that resembles Kooh that curiously caught my attention. So I was thinking maybe I’ll watch it just because of that Character. Especially when I saw this:

    • The anime is good to me if you like music, but in reality its not mainly about music. But if you have music taste this should be a good fit.

      Of course you didn’t know I smoke I never told ya >:D I am packing extra weight due to the nicotine. Its funny though because smoke is a appetizer killer and yet I gained weight. I personally prefer Mio over Asu-Nyan**

  2. this website is so beautiful….

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