Random Post 12/14/09

Sorry I haven’t been posting up on my blog often. I have been busy with exams. I manged to get decent grades on all my classes. But they are not the grades I hoped they would be. I can say they are a shit load better than the grades I got in high school. There is a few things I want to talk about.


Yes, the Pangya situation is pissing the fuck out of me, but I cant still manage to play. I am only playing with friends so I could care less about hackers and what. Like I said before if you hate the game so much then take a break from it before you do more damage. I am pretty sure some people know about this, but when the Rune Fairy Wings were released I started to let my emotions and I started to post erotic comments about the price (if you didn’t know the rune fairy wings were 69). The Christmas event is not that bad, although I kind of wish that they would have picked a better gacha. I may also record game play from me with my friends just for the hell of it.


I recently saw that Star Ocean 4, came out on the XBOX 360 for beta testing. Same as Tales of Vesperia. All I can say is roflowned. Star Ocean 4 will come with a new character that was apparently cut from the XBOX version. So I will get this game and see what it is like.

Tales of Graces came out not long ago, and all I can say is I cant wait for it to come out for the US.

I am watching To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, Sora no Otoshimono, Nyan-Koi, Kampfer. I was watching Fairy Tail but the manga and anime is starting to piss the fuck out of me. I personally drop To aru Index bought I picked it up and loved it. Makes me wonder I fucking dropped it to begin with. I haven’t watched all current episodes of Sora and Kampf due to lost of interest, since now I am on break I can watch it now.


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