Response to Ticket


I completely understand your concern. I personally can say I take time out of every day to read the forums. This helps me get the players input on new content/events, bugs, future content, and even previous things they would like to see again. Although you may not see change right away there is always bits and pieces of feedback being used to better the game as a whole.

As for “The only thing that I see that you guys do well is banning people who are hacking.” I could see how you would think that seeing as usually the only time a GM is in the lobby is late at night/Tee time. This is due to the number of GMs and tasks that need done all the GMs work on all 3 games to some degree so its difficult to be everywhere at once.(The they also answer 1:1 reports.)

Do you guys plan ahead to where the server will go?
Yes, I can’t really go into detail on where the server is going but yes we have plans.^^

Do you understand that some people actually made this game a main part of their lives?
Yes, I myself choose to play video games in my free time now as you said this is a big part of their lives so when something goes wrong it will effect these people on a larger scale because playing the game plays a major role in there life and have attached emotions to the game.

Now to get to the real point. All issues and feedback is presented to the Dev team however the final decision is still mostly up the them. We make suggestions to them just as you make suggestions to us. I know it can sometimes feel empty seeing as GMs don’t usually reply to the suggestion threads however we do read them on a daily basis and we keep our dev team well informed on our player feedback. I hope this response is what you were looking for.^^

If you have any more questions feel free to submit another 1:1.(If you would like to speak with me again just put in the report that you were speaking with Takeda.)


Game Master
Ntreev USA

Any opinions? Keep it clean please!



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4 responses to “Response to Ticket

  1. Wally911

    This is comforting. like really, because it shows they don’t just throw our concerns away. This gives me hope, even if it is just a letter.

  2. As I said GMs just moderators of the game. They are can’t fix anything. And the development team located in Korea, so dev-team just good informed. Nothing new.

  3. Zerozero(also known as anonymous)

    This is really awesome, to be totally honest. They seem to be working on the case really hard. Let’s hope the development team listens to our request. *crosses fingers*

  4. Bell

    … Well, I can say I’m really relieved, to be honest. The plans part gave me a bit of inspiration to keep on supporting Ntreev. Please come through, Takeda..

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