My Letter to NTREEV

Dear, Ntreev

I want to know from a human stand point that you care about the people of this server. Yes, I know you get told enough by people complaining, but I want to know from you guys. Do you REALLY care about the well being of Pangya? The only thing that I see that you guys do well is banning people who are hacking. People are starting to leave due to the miss treatment of the sever in the players eyes. Right now there many things I can list, but I would be just stating the obvious. Do you guys really look in the Suggestion forum, and take consideration to what the player want? Do you guys plan ahead to where the server will go? Do you understand that some people actually made this game a main part of their lives? (LOL??!) I really want to know PLEASE tell me you guys care. Cause honestly I cant seem to see any more reason to buy points for you guys anymore. You are losing customers in the direction you guys are going. You guys stated on 2/12/09, that you guys would do everything possible for the best service for Pangya, but are you guys really doing everything you guys can? I cannot be wrong here if the majority of the people are constantly complain about your service. Do you guys know that some people actually waste money here practically because they love this game, and you guys sit here and take advantage of the people? Is this not a semi-practice of a corrupt business? I have tried numerous of times to defend you guys, yet you show no change all all. I would like a response to this rant please WRITE, to me that you guys are doing everything you guys can. Maybe were just not undertaking the situation, but you can expect us to know everything. Maybe you guys are doing everything you can, but you guys do not say anything. Is this what you really want? You want people to vent on you guys when you guys are the doing the best you can? I would like a response please. A good response nothing like we will take this in to consideration Thank you. I want a good response. Again, If I get something like “We will take this in to consideration.” Then you guys lost my trust.

What do you guys think? Valid or not?



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10 responses to “My Letter to NTREEV

  1. They are don’t care. I know your feelings. But they didn’t even read your message. GMs reading it who can’t fix anything, GMs just moderators of the game. And then they pretend (even if) that they do care. It’s looks like “we are doing everything possible. Thank you for your ticket. We need your opinion”. Although in reality, they simply: “Look, another annoying idiot”.

    While people who earn money from this game not lift their asses – nothing good will happen. And everyone knows that these people are fed up big ass, which is very difficult to move.

  2. Michi

    Ntreev will probably tl;dr’d your email..

  3. Anonymous, again

    Ntreev does ban people themselves, but they still do count on the players to report hackers and dumb BRs. People who quit and say theyre’s no more hope ARE worsening the case. All I say is that there IS some hope left, and that the situation does change, ane leave us in one HUGE celebration party. Anyway, I bet theres going to be change at least in the next year. Pray and dont move to GOA. At least, not YET.

  4. Wally911

    This is a great letter to send Ntreev.

    it’s also a great dust collector in their eyes…

  5. Bell

    It sounds good, you should send this in the mail to them. xD Write out the whole thing and send it right to their post office.

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