Finalized Decision / Random Post 11/12/09

Finalized Decision

Well looking back at this week, and seeing how I actually got shit done is impressive. So my final decision is continue to blog, but not as much as I used to, and minimize the time I am going to broadcast. Don’t get me wrong, I will not broadcast on the week days anymore. ONLY on Saturdays IF I FEEL like it. I need to learn self-control. I seem to be on the computer a lot as well, so I am gonna try to stay away from it some more.

Random Post 11/12/09

I recently bought a PSP on ebay, and I am satisfied that I got it. The original cost for a PSP 3000 is 169.99 + tax; North Carolinas state tax is about 8.25%, so in grand total if I bought a PSP from my local Gamestop I would have payed $184.01. I won the bid on ebay for 175.50 plus shipping.

Speaking of PSP’s, Valkryia Chronicle 2 WILL have the original players to play as. SO you can play as Alicia, and Gunter.





Looking at the Dengeki website looks like you can buy Pangya Wall scrolls.





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5 responses to “Finalized Decision / Random Post 11/12/09

  1. Mainlless

    I want that Lucia poster. I’ll see if I can get one °W°

    Good luck on your studies, and on your blog ^^

  2. Is that the 3000 version you bought? Erika’s stick poster is nicesu.

  3. I’m a bit disappointed though that Sega chose to continue Valkyria Chronicles on the PSP. I own the first title for my PS3 and its one of the most played games that I have in my library.

    And omg. I want Kooh’s wallie scroll!

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