SEMI-Hiatus Pending

At 1:45 in the morning you can say I was going through a crisis. I thought about my life, and looked back at all the accomplishment I have done, and it is not many. As of right not my goal is to become a English teacher abroad, either Korea or Japan. As of right now that would be a joke considering I am not putting any effort in to this goal. My grades are like when I was in high school, and they suck tremendously. There was one point in time where I had such low grades that I would not be able to graduate. This might be the second hiatus on blogging, and Broadcasting. Cause when I started the hiatus I did all my work, and actually graduated on time. Which the odds were seriously against me. Which if you think about it if I had a time schedule I could fit out everything. I recently lost interest in broadcasting for some reason. May be due to insufficient people on my channel. Right now I don’t see any future for me as of right now, and if I don’t change I might as well be an extreme otaku and NEET for the rest of my life. Plus this was interfering with my guitar practice times. I might update this blog once in awhile, but that would be only articles that interest me. I am not sure if you just enjoyed my blogging or not, but until then I will see you guys later.


ReTake09 a.k.a Moses Lim



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2 responses to “SEMI-Hiatus Pending

  1. are you sure you want me to take you off? :S

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