Goodbye Halloween & More!


So, I herd lately there is this new “item” hack. Honestly I should have not wasted one hundred dollars. But, then again there are people who wasted far more money than I have and I should not be the one to complain due how this server is running lately. I honestly don’t know the future of PangyaUSA, but I will be optimistic. Everything started out low, like the PS3 it was the lowest of low, and look where it is today. All it takes is time. People now days want everything now and fast. I am one of these people. So I think in my opinion lets have some patience people. Ntreev DOES know that there are hackers and THEY ARE doing what they can for PangyaUSA. If they didn’t care they would give us free points everyday.


I am also selling a NVIDIA 7600GT Graphics card for only $25 starting price on ebay with shipping of $10. I don’t need it no more since I go a laptop. If you want to deal a price please do.


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  1. I don’t think that Nreev doing what they can. I think they are do nothing about problems.
    And why I think so? Because they donэt try to show that they are trying hard.
    The situation with every week is getting worse and harder. And I’ll also optimistic, because they will have something to do in any case.

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