I just wanted to know who actually comes to my blog and other information. What contents do you guys like the best? What would you like to see in the future? What contents should I work on? Do you like the design?



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8 responses to “Survery

  1. Joz

    I visit blogs regularly, mainly because i have nothing else to do and the blog is good..

    Design is nice and simple, don’t need to update anything on it for now i guess..

    And if this is a gaming/guitar blog you should probably post more game reviews, tips on recording a clean guitar sound with a mixer, stuff like that.. and more guitar covers 😀

    Also, keep a regular scheduled update each month or week depending on your conditions, about new games you have, or new equipments. that’s always interesting to read.

    I know my blog doesn’t have those, but it doesn’t really have much contents in the first place other than my pangya progress. i’ll review games sometimes though, like tekken 6. which is gonna be posted in 2-3 days

    • Hmm this is gold. Thanks for the feed back.

      As for the guitar I am trying my best to perfect the song. There are parts in the song I need to work on (I will upload the practice recording later).

  2. I come from Rich’s blog (Sweatdrop).
    I’m interested in Pangya posts, and that I like to see in future 🙂
    As for design, the header image is very nice. And colors of this theme also nice. I just would to add some textures to the black and grey backgrounds.

    • I would go in detail in Pangya, but I would see not point. Due to what you just said you came from Sweatdrop’s blog. Which means anything I would cover would be already covered by Sweatdrop due to PangyaKR. But I will try still. Don’t know what to cover but I will try. Thanks for the reply!

  3. Pedrom

    Hi… This is the First Time I’ve visited this Blog…
    From What I saw, I think its a good blog… And as for me… I would like to see some more reviews about the games and musics….

    I also have one thing to ask…. Do you have the tabs for Glajioul – Yui Sakakibara…. Its my favorite song and I cant find the tabs anywhere….

    Keep up the good work…

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