Random Post 10/31/09

So I got new manga/manhwa to add in my collection today. I got Shakugan No Shana, Mahou Sensei Negima, and Unbalance x Unbalance. I got Tekken on the day it was released. I pre-ordered it and I got a calender. These are the females that debuted on the calender. There is a male side but I don’t really care about it. So if you play Tekken 6, please feel free to add my PSN: K-ON09, but please tell me who you are on the blog. The reason for this is, so I can classify who you are. I also updated my JustinTV NEW channel. I have made a banner and added a background. I also updated the blog as well. The reason for this is I added a JustinTV channel on my sidebar, and this is the best I could do to fit on the sidebar. Yeah I still need to get a new camera. =/

Remember what I said about people modding there XBOX 360 apparently they got their treats early this Holloween. http://kotaku.com/5393994/xbox-live-smashes-mass-banhammer-on-pirates










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  1. Joz

    I’d love to play T6 with you. but my connection is still unstable for online play >_< there's like 1-2 seconds lag, and it's killing my frame calculations in the match.. I'll try again soon though, changing ISPs

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