Pangya UPDATE 10/29/09 EDIT!!!!

I am surprised at the fact there has been a lot of updates on the PangyaUSA servers. I am very interested on trying for Kooh’s magical set cause every guy lieks mahou shojou. I don’t know which set for the Japan clothing I want yet. It will be either Arin or Lucia’s. Come to think of it I have really played Pangya in awhile. I don’t know if I might drop it or not. Cause I don’t want to spend my time trying to learn the game mechanics of the game, and I also do not want to play in a server where there are five million hackers in one tournament. Who knows, I might play or not. I am not going to go in depth in to this update cause like I stated before most of the people who come to my blog are from Sweatdrop’s.

EDIT 10/29/09

So I tried scratch cards today and I got Kaz, but I got another fucking one. I am going to ask Ntreev if they can exchange one of my Kaz’s for Kooh’s magical set. Cause WHY THE FUCK DO I NEEED TWO!!!! Just so there is no miss-understanding. After I got Kaz’s I kept trying, and then thats when I got another Kaz set.









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