Pi0pl3 Has Bic0me Stuupid Yiars AG0

So I was reading from a Japanese game blog about people pre-downloading a game, and going on to XBOX LIVE. Honestly who stupid can one get? Everyone should have a common knowledge about soft/hard modding on the XBOX is you never go on XBOX live. First reason is who will have the game besides you can some other people? Second it is a automatic ban if they detected a flashed XBOX. Third wasting money just to get banned. In my personal experience I have a modded XBOX 360, but I choose not to get XBOX LIVE due to paying and disliking the XBOX. The only reason why I got the XBOX was because of Star Ocean 4, but now that’s coming on the to the Play Station 3, so I have no use for it. If anyone wants a modded XBOX 360 please lets talk.







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5 responses to “Pi0pl3 Has Bic0me Stuupid Yiars AG0

  1. Joz

    Actually most of my friends that uses a flashed xbox here in indonesia uses xbox live as well, but they’re careful to not get caught, don’t know how though, none of them ever said they got banned

  2. I’m “Hmm”ing about the “If anyone wants a modded XBOX 360 please lets talk.”

    I’m aware about the online banning, but this isn’t a major problem to me since I don’t even go online or have a gold subscription account.

    So we’ll have to arrange a time to talk about this. If the deal goes well, I’ll have to hunt down a dual-disc layer burner as well since I don’t have it on any computers I have.

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