Random Post 10/23/09

I got a package on Tuesday, and I was VERY happy to get it. It is the K-ON! Band score, and I have been trying to practice the songs since I got it. Some of the TAB’s in this book is advance, and I am only a beginner, but I like the challenge. Here are some pictures.


^ I got this from Play Asia. I have no problems with them so far, although I do not like the fact they are located in China


^I opened package. Don’t know why I took a picture of this.295372395397

^ Front cover of the book295372365829

^ CD inside the track list box295372334981

^I think these stickers are meant to go on your guitar.


^ I got a five dollar off copun with a purchase of $50 dollars or more. I might buy a PVC figure with this


^ Front CD cover295372298117

^ Back CD cover295372228357

^ First Disc295372187909

^ Second Disc

I will practice this hard and record myself. I can do this easy now that  got a mixer.


I have started to play Tales of Abyss so please join.

Random POST

I selling stuff I do not user anymore on Amazon. If you like please browse them. I am selling my old capture card, and If you buy my the capture card I will give you the necessary wires to hook it up. Plus I will help you started on broadcasting. Here is my Amazon shop.




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5 responses to “Random Post 10/23/09

  1. Joz

    hmm interesting, is there a capture card that can record videos on HD format? cause I’m using HD input for my consoles and i really don’t wanna use composite cables just to record some stuff =/

    especially since tekken 6 is coming in a few days, I wanna record some juggles so i don’t forget >_<

  2. do you use a computer or laptop?

  3. Joz

    computer. has good specs too, enough to run some heavy games on highest settings above 30 fps or so..

    also, HD input is 1080p with HDMI, unless the game forces it to do 720p

  4. Do you have a PCI slot available? By the way I pre-ordered Tekken, at GameStop today, and apparently you get a calender with HAWT girls. Can you give me details of your computer?

  5. Joz

    intel i7 3ghz
    nvidia gtx275
    6gb ram ddr3
    DVI > HDMI connection to HDTV
    some triple SLI motherboard
    PCI slot available

    i think that should be enough 😀

    wtf i didn’t get a calendar with hawt girls when i pre-ordered D: facking stupid indonesian store..
    now i’m wondering if my ‘pre-order’ is for the official pre-order version, or just the regular version, lol.. don’t really care though, i just wanna play~

    i’m getting bored of going to the arcade everyday, even if it’s really cheap and close to my house, they don’t maintain the machine enough :_<

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