Revived PS2

So today I wanted to play my PlayStation 2, but I forgot my PS2 was broken, so I went to Play and Trade, and asked them if they could fix my PS2, and they said sure they could. But they said that the PS2 was fucked up “the power supply burned out”, “your dvd-drive needs replacement”. He says that there was a 18 dollar deposit and 40 dollars to fix it up. I said I would think about it, and I went home opened the PS2 and I youtube’ed the problem I was having. Apparently when I had opened my PS2 from before I tore out a ” Power Ribbon” (picture provided), and that was the source of turning on my PS2. When I fixed it my mind was in rage. How stupid were those people trying to grub my money? I just thank God I didn’t waste my money at all. The moral of this story is: Try to fix it your-self (if warranty is done) then turn it in for repair or find a replacement. I haven’t been broadcasting probably because there was no good games for me to play. I have a shit load of PS2 games, and I am itching to play them. I have a list of games, and I will put a lot of thought into it and decide witch one I will play. I also traded in Eternal Sonata, because I ruined the ending and I did not feel like continuing the game. Don’t get me wrong I liked the game. The battle system was very interesting. I was looking at the seiyu for the Eternal Sonata JAP dub, and I kept reading when I should not have.

Here is the blog-post about my “dead” PS2



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