Saimoe 2009


WHAT THE HELL?!?!!!!!! Out of all of the people Taiga (Toradora) VS Yui Hirasawa had to be the top two? Can this piss me off any more? There were tons of better characters than these two in my opinion. But if this was a multi-vote I guess my opinion could go straight to hell. Although I would have liked Akiyama Mio VS Taiga Aisaka rather than freaking Yui.  Wow how the hell can the Saki characters be more cutter than Mio? Makes me think really hard. For those who do not know Saimoe, is 2ch annual tournament who is moe/cute of the 2008 fall, 2008 winter, 2009 summer, and 20009  spring. Which doesn’t make sense to me because why don’t they just stick to the 2009 year including fall, winter, spring, summer. In the picture You can see who made top

1) Taiga Aisaka – Toradora


2) Yui Hirasawa – K-ON!


3) Haramura Nodoka Saki << Only good picture I can find


4) Saginomiya Isumi – Hayate No Gotoku!


5) Maria – Hayate No Gotoku! <Not sure Or could be talking about Maria Holic or w/e its called


6) Asahina Mikuru – The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi


7) Kawashima Ami – Toradora


8 ) Toyo Rubi – Rosario Vampire


9) Louise Halvey – Gundam 00


Some of these characters don’t event deserve to be in this spot IMO.




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3 responses to “Saimoe 2009

  1. Orihime

    I am so proud of Taiga.

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