Random Post 10/16/09

So I wanted to write about my collection of anime that is growing. I started collecting, and reading manga when I was in fourth or fifth grade. The first manga I started reading was Love Hina. I could not stop reading anime, and that was all the things I thought about. Till I had a shortage of cash my middle and high school year, cause my parents stop buying them for me., which is understandable. I cant keep mooching off of them for ever. When I got a job my manga collection started to grow drastically. Most of the manga I have aren’t even the whole collection. I shouldn’t buy more but it sure beats the hell out of sitting in-front of a computer all day.


^ The Hell Girl, xxxHolic, Negima Neo, was a present for graduating from my sister


^ The Gundam Seed is actually a light novel. The CD case is my eroge games


^ The two Negima books are from Korea. My sister bought them for me when she went there. Because of these books my Korean has somewhat improved.


^ My Mashimaro clock I begged my mom for this when I was young. Cause Mashimaro was the fad in Korea back then. I have the first 20 shounen Jump manga.


^ Shounen Jump continued. I bought the Shakugan No Shana PVC figure from eBay really cheap.


^ Couple of magazines I should have not bought. Although, my sister bought the New Type Korea edtion


^ I bought these three last week, cause I was bored, and I need to finish the series. I have the Korean version if you remember. I can read Korean, but not understand ALL the words.


^ I bought these today, and I spent to much money. I just bought what ever caught my eye. I only bought the manga besides Haruhi, but I did a re-check, and saw that they had it, so I bought them


^ I like the Hayate no Gotoku series a lot, and I don’t know really what the one beside it is all about. I hope it is not shoujo


^ I just bought Lucky Star cause my sister wanted me to or she was going to buy it. I never was a “crazed” Haruhi fan, but it was still good. I am a big fan of Noizi Ito’s work.

That’s all I have to say in this random post. Although my phone is shit, and I need to buy a digital camera, cause the quality on my camera phone sucks MAJOR BAWLZ.


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