Princess Lover! and Other Stuff


Since Hinano plays Otome games I will play Eroge games. I will now start off on Princess Lover! I started watching this anime, and stopped. I could not seem to hook my self on the anime. I guess I will play and review the game. I will NOT be posting any H-material here if you want just google the images. I will post some nice screen shots of the game though. I am 18, so for those who are still young I am not encouraging you to play this game. So, if you get caught playing this H-game its not my fault. =]

So today I tried to re-string my guitar, and fail terribly, so I took it in to the Guitar Center, and I showed the repair dude, and he showed me wear on my guitar, and it needed to be fixed. I wasn’t to happy about it cause now I am gonna lose 180 dollars.



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3 responses to “Princess Lover! and Other Stuff

  1. LOOLL omg Dx
    there’s so many better eroge you can play.
    we saw the CGs for this (before the anime aired) and there’s like pregnancy facking and sacks of lactating fat squirting milk everywhere.
    ew just ew lol its totally a yaruge.

    check out accanny’s vn dump, he’s an avid eroge player and he usually recommends good eroge.

  2. Joz

    I love that one #__# I got the CG pack lol

    what happened with the guitar? =(

  3. @hinano

    hmmm really? I guess I was beaten to the pawnch. I will start on this, and play all the ergoge I have. I cant take my work back. Cause I have been doing that a lot on JustinTV.

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