Wow… After 6 years it comes down to this. The story of Negi’s parents. I started Negima?! when I was in seventh or sixth grade, and when I tried to get the issue I couldn’t due to young age. I personally like this series a lot, but when it comes to the first anime, it was great but the ending sucks ass. Then they came out with a second season of Negima which revolved around more Acton than ecchi. Personally I did not like this series at all. I started on 5 episodes and then dropped it due to loss of interest. Till there were so many protest in Japan saying that Negima?! did not revolve around the main plot Ken Akumatsu decided to release a series of OAD’s (Original Animation Disc). There is also a spinoff of Negima?! but it is not Ken Akumatsu’s art work, but his story line. The worst thing that Negima?! Franchise worked on was the live action. What the fuck were they thinking? It was terrible. I couldn’t stand any of it. It was like an American attempt in dubbing this anime, which IMO the dubbing sucked for Negima?!.

Negima! First Season


Negima Second Season


Negima OAD


Negima Live Action




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