Dating Sim

This made me chuckle a little. I was reading from Kotaku and the influence of dating sim games, and wow! I am surprised of the results of some. Here are the different types from other countries.

Japan >>> This looks done by Noizi Ito


South Korea >>> I am not surprised of this art. I actually have read a few Korean Manhwa and
they resemble this type a lot.


China >>> I was surprised. I didn’t even know they produced dating simulation. Doesn’t look to bad right?


Taiwan >>> Kinda in shock again, that even Taiwan has a dating sim game. This looks like to me that this was Japan in 1995. Maybe they will catch up soon.


Thailand >>> Wow this doesn’t look bad at all does it? The big “moe” eyes do not appeal to me though. Apparently, this game has made Japan’s production as well.


United States >>> I guess Anime is not America’s thing. Looking at America’s anime hurts me a lot. I don’t need to prove my point. Some Americanized anime have GREAT story line but the animation sucks IMO.


Source: DannyChoo > KOkatu > RETake09


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